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Accu-Chek Active Test Strips


The Accu-Chek Active strips are simple and effective and help you to keep tabs on your blood sugar regularly.

Brand: Accu-Chek

Step 1

Slide the test strip into the test strip guide in the meter towards the arrows until it’s locked in the place. The meter will turn on and will first perform a default display check.

Step 2

From any recommended sites of obtaining blood on your finger, lance the side of your fingertip with your lancing device.

Step 3

Apply the blood drop to the green field’s center on the strip and remove your finger. When the meter detects the blood, a flashing hourglass symbol appears after a beep which indicates that the test is in progress.

Step 4

The test gets over in about 5 seconds. The screen displays the result after a beep automatically. Remove the test strip from the meter and turn it off. Dispose the strip after the process is completed.

Dosage: n/a
Package Sizes: 50 Test Strips 



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