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Anyone above the age of 18. Guardians can also use this for their children.

HubCare is founded by Medical professionals (Doctor and pharmacists) who have combined experience of over 40 years of medical practice in Nigeria. They are committed to their mission of making high-quality healthcare accessible, affordable and simple for individuals and families across sub-Saharan Africa.

We offer consultation for primary health conditions like infection, sleep disorders, sexual health, reproductive health and general health. We also offer consultation for mental health issues like anxiety, depression, stress and burnout.

Does our service sound perfect for someone you know? With nearly 1 in 3 Nigeria households requiring a repeat prescription, chances are you know somebody who could benefit from using HubCare Pharmacy Rx (HubPharmRx).

You are able to share our service confidentially with your friends and family via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Email and you can also share directly to your Facebook or Twitter page.

Consultations for primary care have a default time of 15 minutes, while consultation for mental health have a default time of 45 minutes. However, doctors can make their appointment last a little bit longer based on the need.

Our physicians consult with patients through chat, audio and video based on our user’s preference. However, 70% of our users prefer chatting.

Our healthcare providers are able to write out prescription and send them to any of our partner pharmacies. Our subscribers have the choice of personally picking up their medication or have the same delivered at cost.

We operate in house medical care team comprising of doctors, pharmacists, psychologists and nurses. All our healthcare providers are board certified and have been individually verified by our physician review team of the necessary accreditation body before being approved to join our Medical team

We offer health plan, virtual consultation for specific health conditions and online prescription medicine delivery services. We work with network of pharmacies across the country to deliver medicines and basic health screening services to our health plan subscribers while using our mobile App to deliver personalized consultation, health information and on-going support.

We offer amazing benefits for our health plan subscribers ranging from unlimited access to consultation, free medicines, free health screening and curated health information. We offer personalized, on-going and vertically integrated medical care from diagnosis to delivery of care

Save up to 20% on your prescription medicines while not going one day without my medicine.  Enjoy convenient 3 or 6 months refills and unlimited live pharmacist support for medication review, adverse effects and care support.

We source our medicines from reputable suppliers that are registered with Pharmacists’ Council of Nigeria. All our products have NAFDAC registration numbers.

HubCare’s aim is to see an Africa where every person has the support to live a healthy and happy life

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