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Cost-effective care to manage high blood pressure

To win the battle against chronic conditions like hypertension, patients need on-going, behavioral, science led care and support between in-person appointments

High blood pressure can harm you heart and blood vessels leading to heart attacks and strokes. It can also leads to kidney problem, dementia, eye problem and heart failure. However, having unlimited access to on-going care and support from a care team can make a DIFFERENCE.


How It Works!

3 Simple steps

Unlimited Consultation

Enjoy unlimited consultation with a care team comprising of a doctor, pharmacist, and health coach.

Get Quality Drugs

Receive your drugs regularly from a pharmacy near you free of charge

On-going Care

Have access to on-going health education, high blood pressure community for peer support, regular health screening and medical care

Please note, we are not a health insurance company

A healthier You!


Improve your health, feel better and more energetic !

HubCare closes gaps in care to help members manage their high blood pressure for improved long-term results. We provide

  • Personalized coaching
  • Prescription medication
  • Health education
  • Medication adherence
  • High BP Community
  • Health Screening
  •  Lab Test

Experienced Care Team

Unlike other solutions, HubCare offers the same longstanding advantages of in-person healthcare – but with a quick and convenient virtual platform with a dedicated care team.

HubCare Care Team

✓ Have 5 to 20+ years’ Experience

✓ Attended some of the best medical schools in Nigeria and Abroad

✓ Specially trained to provide virtual care


Benefits of our Lifestyle Program

Reduce Risk of High BP Complications

Reduce Risk of High BP Complications

This care plan will help reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure complications

On-going Care

On-going Care

Participants are supported by a dedicated care team comprising of a doctor, pharmacist, and health coach.

Improve Your Health

Improve Your Health

Experience better quality of health and wellbeing through eating better and being more physically active. 



We offer affordable care. Your can also contact your employee or HMOs to pay for the care plan.



Access high quality medical care from the comfort of your home with our mobile app

Peer Support

Peer Support

There is also peer support and interaction through a closed group.

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HubCare’s aim is to see an Africa where every person has the support to live a healthy and happy life

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