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Prevent chronic conditions & live better with chronic conditions

Our public information campaigns and collections provide key insights on preventing chronic conditions and living well with chronic conditions. Explore them all and share with friends and family.


Preventing and managing type 2 diabetes

Preventing diabetes complications:  Lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent type 2 diabetes complications

Sesan’s personal story: How Sesan started HubCare after losing her aunty untimely to type 2 diabetes complication

Live well with diabetes: Enjoy high-quality life while managing type 2 diabetes

Reversing type 2 diabetes: Eliminate or reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes through lifestyle changes

Young people, obesity, and diabetes: How can we protect our children from being obese and developing type 2 diabetes

Diabetes Myths: Let’s demystify some common diabetes myths in our society and lay bare diabetes facts

Preventing and managing high blood pressure

Nigeria’s high blood pressure epidemic: Do you know that 76 million Nigerians have high blood pressure and 40% do not even know? 

Managing high blood pressure: You can live well with high blood pressure if you follow the advice in this video

Effective Medication Management in Chronic Diseases: Chronic diseases often need to be managed over a long time. Medicine is a useful tool to help people manage their symptoms and prevent complications. But they need to be taken properly.

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