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Affordable, prompt medical care for women

Our goal is to help you enjoy personalized, discreet and on-going care for women’s health that is convenient and of high quality

Researches revealed that cost is a limiting factor when it comes to women accessing high-quality healthcare. 1 in 4 women skip or delay care due to cost. Womanly is committed to providing affordable, convenient and high-quality healthcare for women.


How It Works!

3 Simple steps

Consult with a clinician

Report your symptoms and medical history to a Nigerian licensed doctor for evaluation

Get Quality Drugs

Receive your drugs from a pharmacy near you in a discrete and professional manner


Enjoy on-going care

Send your medical care team a message any time to discuss updating your treatment, solving for underlying health conditions, or any other questions or concerns.

Online Consultations

Women's Conditions We Treat


Urinary tract infections (UTIs) is a very common type of infection in the urinary system which can involve any part of the system, including the urethra, ureters, bladder, and kidneys. Enjoy high quality consultation for UTI with our medical experts.

Infertility is defined as trying to get pregnant with frequent, unprotected sex for at least a year with no success. Thyroid disease, uterine fibroids and endometriosis are some of the causes of infertility in women. We offer high quality, on-going care for infertility 

Sleep disorders are a group of conditions that affect the ability to sleep well on a regular basis. Whether they are caused by a health problem or by too much stress, sleep disorders are becoming increasingly common in Africa. We treat insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy and sleep apnea

One in five men will experience mental health issues. Men are less likely to get mental health treatment compared to woman. We offer private, personalized and non-judgement access to mental health for men

Womanly is not a HMO or insurance company, we work with insurers and healthcare facilities to make healthcare more affordable and accessible

Womanly Subscription Plan

Primary Care

Live Healthy, Stay Healthy !

Get prompt, convenient access to high-quality medical consultation, medicines, health screening and follow up when you subscribe to our plan. Enjoy quality medical care for reproductive health, chronic conditions, and general health. We offers three plans; basic, gold and diamond care plans.

Basic Care Plan (NGN 1,500/month)

Basic Care Plan (NGN 1,500/month)

Ideal for young women

1. Instant access to a doctor Consult with an experienced doctor privately via text or call anytime on your phone and enjoyed personalized medical care

2. Get Erectile Contraceptive and Advice
Get levonogrestel tablet 1.5 mg once a month in a nearby pharmacy or at home in a discreet manner.
3. Enjoy ongoing care and follow up
Unlimited chats and follow ups with your personal physician anytime for continuous care management
4. Malaria test and medicines
Get tested once in a month at a pharmacy near you and get quality drugs if you test positive
5. Blood pressure test and advice
Be aware of your heart status by checking your blood pressure level at a pharmacy near. Then chat with your dedicated physician on our app.
6. Diabetes test and advice
Be aware of your blood sugar level by accessing diabetes test at a pharmacy near you. Then, chat with a dedicated physician on our app.
7. Personalized health information
Improve your health knowledge and make informed health decisions by receiving our high quality health content.
8. 24/7 customer support
Zero waiting time. You can always rely on us to be reachable at anytime of the day, Monday to Sunday.
Gold Care Plan (NGN 3,000/month)

Gold Care Plan (NGN 3,000/month)

Ideal for middle-aged women

All the benefits in basic plan. Including

9. Family planning medicines monthly 
 once a month in a pharmacy near you or at home in a discreet manner.
10. Typhoid Treatment
Get tested for typhoid and get drugs if you test positive.
11. Personalized diet plan
Build a tailored diet plan to suit your Daily nutrition requirements.

Diamond Care Plan (NGN 6,500/month)

Diamond Care Plan (NGN 6,500/month)

Ideal for women with chronic conditions

All benefits of Gold Plan. Including

12. Blood pressure drugs and advice
Get 30 days dose of blood pressure drugs once a month in a pharmacy near you or at home directly once in six months.
13. Diabetes drugs and advice
Get 30 days dose of blood sugar medicine once a month in a pharmacy near you or at home directly one in 6 months.
14. STI treatment
Consult with a doctor for sexually transmitted infection and get high quality advice
15. Stress Management
Consult with a wellness coach to manage stress and work burnout if needed.

Dr. Emem Ememandu

Dr. Emem Ememandu

Chief Clinical Officer

Sesan Kareem

Sesan Kareem


Temitope Kareem

Temitope Kareem

Chief Operating Officer


Board Licenced Doctors, Pharmacists & Psychologists?

Unlike other solutions, HubCare offers the same longstanding advantages of in-person healthcare – but with a quick and convenient virtual platform.

HubCare Healthcare Clinicians

✓ Have 5 to 20 years’ Experience

✓ Attended some of the best medical schools in Nigeria and Abroad

✓ Specially trained to provide Virtual Care

Benefits of Womanly Care Plan

Private Consultation

Private Consultation

Have one-on-one private, personalized medical consultation with a healthcare professional virtually

Receive quality Medicines

Receive quality Medicines

Receive your drugs from a pharmacy near you in a discrete and professional manner

On-going Care

On-going Care

Send your personal doctor or phamacist a message any time to discuss updating your treatment, solving for side effects, or any other questions or concerns.



We offer affordable medical care for men



Access high quality medical care and product from the comfort of your home



Get professional advice and personalized information on your health from a licenced clinician

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HubCare’s aim is to see an Africa where every person has the support to live a healthy and happy life

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