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Our Story

Africa’s population is rising and health care remains one of the major challenges in the continent. With a population of over 1.2 billion people, a doctor to patient ratio of 0.23 doctors for every 10,000 people, lack of adequate health infrastructure, high prevalent of substandard and counterfeit drugs and an increase in Non Communicable Diseases burden, causing 29% of all deaths, the need for affordable quality healthcare among middle-class is on the rise in Sub-saharan Africa. But this set of patients are different. They don’t want to spend hours in the waiting room to see a doctor. They don’t want to pay exuberant prices for medical care. Instead they are looking for prompt, convenient access to consult a doctor, get medications, do follow ups, get health information and advice.

With increase in cost of living, diseases burden and high mobile phone penetration in the continent, millions of Africans are looking for affordable way to access medical care on the go. They know that good health is essential for them to achieve growth and advancement in career and life. They want to stay healthy, live well, live longer, enjoy life and achieve their full potentials. Imagine that everyone in Sub-saharan Africa can enjoy holistic high-quality medical care without any delay.

Imagine a platform that gives access to high quality medical care without spending a fortune, without waiting for hours at the clinics. A platform that improves your quality of health, well-being and leads to a productive you. Imagine if lack of access to high-quality medical care and health advice become a thing of the past in Africa. Imagine if you don’t have to sacrifice your quality of life because of medical expenses.

Enter HubCare, the first company to offer personalized, on-going and end-to-end vertically integrated medical care. HubCare offers various personalized products for male, female and children categories using monthly subscription, powered by a telemedicine platform, backed by in-house medical providers and an engaging technology. HubCare welcome hundreds of users onto it’s healthcare platform every week. Patients can consult with HubCare doctors via the App at regular intervals to track their health status. After their discreet online visit, HubCare provides on-going care and follow ups, drugs delivery and refill, medical checkup and curated health information.

HubCare makes high-quality healthcare accessible, affordable and convenient for people in Sub-Saharan Africa. You experience better quality of health while reducing your healthcare expenses. HubCare helps you live well and better.



Our Commitment

We are committed to giving back 20% of our profit to provide free healthcare and education for underserved communities in Africa.

Our Vision

HubCare seeks to reinvent primary care for the 21st century, serving as a template for a new kind of healthcare services in Africa.

Our Mission
HubCare mission is to make high-quality healthcare accessible, affordable and convenient for millions of Africans, especially the underserved population. 
Our Values (HOPE)
✓ We do the right things and do things right knowing well that HONESTY is the best policy
✓ We believe in being transparent with one another, creating a culture of OPENNESS and transparency 
✓ PASSION to make professional healthcare accessible, affordable and reliable for everyone in Africa, especially the underserved community. 
✓ EMPATHY for our customers and patients are our number one priority.
Our Team
From our Technology experts to our experienced healthcare professionals, and to our executive leadership team – we’ve put together a team of pioneers. Those who are passionate about healthy living and caring for people.
Founded by three Board Certified Medical professionals with close to  four decades of healthcare delivery experience in Africa and a software developer with 19 years experience in product development and architecture. We are your one-stop destination for end-to-end care.

HubCare’s aim is to see an Africa where every person has the support to live a healthy and happy life

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