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Our patients deserve the best, so we trust only the best doctors and healthcare providers.

HubCare integrates different parts of the healthcare ecosystem and connects all of them

What we do?

We are on a mission to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible for a billion+ Africans. We empower people with the information and care that they can trust to make better healthcare decisions every day.

The best part – we are making it happen with you!

Your data has only one user. YOU

You control your data and privacy on Hubcare.

We do not share your data with any third party

We never send marketing promotions to your walk-in patients

Data is NEVER shared with a third party

Doctors are in full control to decide what communication has to be sent to their patients

Practices cannot see each other’s data

We follow stringent data policies to ensure users’ privacy and security

Our payment method?

Doctors received payment Every Saturday. We pay our providers 75% of each consulting fee.

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    HubCare’s aim is to see an Africa where every person has the support to live a healthy and happy life

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