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Living healthy is for your whole workforce

We help your employees improve their own wellbeing at lower costs to you

Employee’s wellness is a key driver of growth and profitability. We provide holistic health care for the body and mind of employee with our vertically integrated end-to-end medical care.


HubCare programs!

HubCare programs produce successful health outcomes


This lifestyle change program is not a fad diet or an exercise class. And it’s not a quick fix. It’s a 6 month-long program focused on long-term changes and lasting results.


Type 2 diabetes can harm the heart and blood vessels leading to heart attacks and strokes. It can also leads to blindness, amputation. However, having unlimited access to on-going care and support from a care team can make a DIFFERENCE.

High blood pressure

To win the battle against chronic conditions like hypertension, patients need on-going, behavioral, science led care and support between in-person appointments.

Joint & Muscle pain

Approximately 1.71 billion people have musculoskeletal conditions worldwide. Musculoskeletal conditions are the leading contributor to disability worldwide, with low back pain being the single leading cause of disability in 160 countries.

Your Employees Will Thank You

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A healthier and happier Employees !

 We offer a full range of benefits for your staff depending on the program. This include

  1. Unlimited access to medical consultation
  2. Free drugs
  3. Free health screening
  4. Mental health support
  5. Health education
  6. Wellness workshop
  7. Health seminar
  8. Personalized coaching

Board Licensed Medical Experts

Unlike other solutions, HubCare offers the same longstanding advantages of in-person healthcare – but with a quick and convenient virtual platform.

HubCare In-house Healthcare Clinicians

✓ Have 5 to 20 years’ Experience

✓ Attended some of the best medical schools in Nigeria and Abroad

✓ Specially trained to provide Virtual Care



Seamless Experience

Seamless Experience

Sign up your whole company in minutes without hassle

Pharmacy Networks

Pharmacy Networks

Your employees will have quick access to drugs, and health screening though our partner pharmacies in their neighbourhood 



We treat our users with high quality medicines that we also use when we need care



We offer the most affordable, high quality personalized health plans in the country

Exceptional Support

Exceptional Support

You can count on us to be reachable 24/7 by your employees, HR and partner pharmacies.



Dedicated account manager for your company and dedicated care team for each of your employee for better health outcomes

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HubCare’s aim is to see an Africa where every person has the support to live a healthy and happy life

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